NICOLAS MAÑAYSoftware Engineer
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    Nicolas Mañay
  • Birthday:
    20 November 1987
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About Me
System Engineer with over 7 years of experience in software development.
I have worked as a full stack dev in a company called Charruasoft using different technologies like C++ with QT framework, HTML5, CSS3, jquery, Javascript, Angular, etc and as a Senior Frontend Developer in companies like Endava and Switch solutions, working in a variety of projects.
For my personal entrepreneurial project as well as his final degree for software Engineering was an active developer in front-end using HTML, CSS and Angular.
My Services
Front-end Development
I really enjoy helping people to bring his ideas to reality in the web using the latest technologies.
Fast Delivery
I like to have a high consistency at work to deliver results as quickly as possible.
My Technologies